• Halliburton

    Misc piping for Halliburton and the Polarled Pipeline Project

  • Halliburton

    Heater skid engineered and made for Halliburton.

  • Lifting equipment

  • Drilling and spacer spool

  • Hatches according to SINTEF fire regulations

  • Test skid for løst boreutstyr

    Test skid for løst boreutstyr. Rammen blir levert med opptil 6 test cap for diverse gjenger ferdig tilkoblet til test-pumpe. Kan leveres med ekstra linje til fks test av riser K/C ved kjøring. Digitalt test kart

  • Containers for transportation of radioactive soures.

    10 pcs, each carrying 10 sources. Each container has a weight of 110 kg.

  • STAMAS Firesafe hammerlug union

    The STAMAS Firesafe Connector is a patented hammer lug union connector. Originally designed for service in the harsh North Sea environment, the STAMAS Firesafe Connector features a robust, fully replaceable metal seal which enables functionality in the most severe service applications

  • Heater skid made for Expro

  • Aasta Hansteen

    Towing Links