Safe Arctic - Winterization

Safe Arctic Floor has been designed to withstand the extreme conditions in the high north. With high conductivity, high impact resistance in combination with improved protection for water ingression, we are confident that we will fulfill the customers needs. This result is a highly reactive floor that is water tight and can withstand more than 10 tonns/m2.

Floor and steps to be mounted on top of existing deck, grating or self-supporting.
Fixing systems allow permanent installation, or removable with magnets.

Pre-fabricated cassette system
Installation directly on top of existing deck surface
Installation in elevated grating systems
Insulated towards deck below – high efficiency
Aluminum surface with anti-slip surface according to NORSOK standards
Low weight

Epoxy based heated walkway
Installation directly on top of existing deck
Water tight finish with good chemical resistance to most chemicals such as alkalis, oils, fats, salt
Specially developed for high thermal conductivity
Anti-slip surface accodring to NORSOK standards
All heated walkways are delivered complying to DNVGL notations unless otherwise specified.