Our main goal is to protect people, the environment and material assets, preserve life and health of all employees, and maintain a safe environment for our customers.

We believe that unwanted incidents can be prevented, and are therfore working systematically to maintain a safe work environment. We will strive to comply with all the applicable rules, regulations, standards and our own additional requirements. We will continuously strive to create work stations in such conditions that the work can be carried out without employees, environment or material assets being exposed to accidents, fire or unwanted incidents.

Health, safety and environment is line responsibility. Our CEO shall ensure that he fulfills his responsibilities in HSE-areas, shall lead by a good example as well as actively particippate in HSE-measures.

All employees and subcontractors must faithfully support STAMAS Group plans to ensure safe and reliable operation. Such plans can only be successful when each employee is actively supporting our HSE-measures.

To achieve the above mentioned goals, we must constantly focus on preventative measures, and be aware that preventative measures will reduce the probability of unwanted incidents to occur. To support these efforts, all employees are encouraged to report deviations and near-incidents, so we can take action to prevent unwanted incidents.